What is the undo key in zbrush

what is the undo key in zbrush

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ZBrush - Delete UNDO-HISTORY (In 30 SECONDS!!)
Press the Tool Undo button to undo the most recent editing action. This button is only available when a 3D object is in a Transform or Edit mode, and only. Show Undo Selector When the Show Undo Selector button is enabled ZBrush will display small boxes at the top of the canvas area to indicate the number of undos. The Undo History works in exactly the same way as a traditional undo. However, since it is awkward to press Ctrl+Z or the Undo button hundreds or thousands.
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The Redo button also shows you how many Redos are available. This mode, enabled by default, displays a small rectangle within the Undo History displayed at the top of the document each time a new History step is added. It is not compatible with the. Alternatively, clicking one of the darker rectangles will move you directly to that history step.